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Recourse Factoring
Low Cost - High Gain

Imagine how successful your business would be if you could focus your time where it counts…not worrying about cash flow or chasing receivables.

Factoring...Faster and easier than a bank loan!

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Risk Free Factoring
Non-Recourse Flat Fee Factoring

Are you looking for a simple to calculate, "All In, Flat Fee" to turning your AR invoices into cash flow, plus a "Risk Free" option if your customer defaults?

Flat Fee Factoring, AR invoices to Cash Flow...Simplified.

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Factoring Line of Credit
Cash Flow for All Industries

Better than a bank "LOC", consider a flexible Line of Credit, based on your AR that you can draw on when needed, with a professional AR Management team?

Factoring Line Of Credit, a Line of Credit like no other.

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We consider Accutrac as our partners!

“What I like about working with these super talented individuals is their services doesn’t suffer even though they keep growing their own business. In fact, our relationship keeps getting better. I think of them as a real partner in our business.” ~ Dmitri Protas

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Alternate Financing Solutions that is easier than a Bank Loan. 

Why We say, “Yes” when your bank said, “No”

Our financing solutions are easier to get than a bank loan, because they’re based on the financial strength of your customers, not yours.

Types of businesses we help…

Businesses in all stages of development and all major industries can benefit from Accutrac Capital Solutions’ unique approach to solving their cash flow issues. If you do business with credit-worthy customers, we’ll provide cash flow solutions customized to your industry, your situation and your needs.

Customized solutions from industry experts…

Accutrac’s senior executives have over 40 years combined experience in finance and business, with specialists in trucking and logistics. Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers understand your business…we know how to speak your language. We provide expert advice and customized solutions…no matter which industry or stage of growth you’re in.