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Cash Advance B4 Delivery

Do you need cash to deliver your load?
This simple and convenient funding option will get your trucking company paid before you deliver your load or produce an invoice.

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Factoring Services

Easy to manage, same day funding to get you money fast. Cost effective Accounts Receivable Invoice Factoring (also known as Invoice Discounting) 

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Bulk Buy

 Leverage the power of group buying; save money on essential services such as fuel (fuel cards) and currency exchange for your trucking company.

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Factoring Trivia: Little Known Facts About Invoice Factoring

There are a lot of misconceptions about what invoice factoring, also known as invoice discounting is and isn't, where it started and who uses it. Below are some interesting and little-known facts about factoring.   Read More . . .

Take Back Control of Your Trucking Business's Cash Flow

Too often truck company owners, despite setting payment terms, feel trapped by their customers’ failure to pay in a timely fashion. This can have a severe effect on your company’s cash flow and your ability to grow. Take back control of your trucking business’s cash flow by invoice factoring your accounts receivables and freight bills.    Read More . . .

3 Solutions to Help Struggling Trucking Companies Control Costs

If your trucking company is struggling with cash flow, keeping your costs under control is crucial. So is finding creative ways to generate cash flow to reduce your costs. Accutrac's unique bulk buy program offers Carriers the ability to leverage the purchasing power of many Trucking companies to help reduce cost on fuel (discounted fuel cards) and to get the absolute best currency exchange rates.    Read More . . .

Walking the Fine Line of Cash Flow Survival

It's called cash flow because, when you're in business, cash is never static. Like the tide, it comes in and then it goes out. Unlike the tide, however, it's rarely as constant and dependable. Budgeting for and keeping a close eye on your cash flow can make the difference between surviving or being blind-sided by a sudden cash flow crisis. Two vital cash flow metrics to watch are collection days and payment days. If these two metrics are not aligned, you may want to consider invoice factoring (also known as invoice discounting) as a simple, cost effective solution to gain immediate access to cash.    Read More . . .

How to Create Cash Flow When Rebounding from a Tough Financial Year

Have you considered load advances or invoice factoring (receivable financing | invoice discounting)?  The loss of a major contract. A rough economic climate. A spike in operating costs. These are all factors that can lead a trucking company into a tough financial year. As you work to rebound from it, the strain on cash flow can cause some sleepless nights for any owner in the transportation business.    Read More . . .

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