Fuel Discount Program

Fuel Discount Program

Huge Savings from Your Freight Factoring Company

Large trucking companies have the leverage to negotiate substantial fuel discounts and gain a competitive advantage in the market. To compensate and remain competitive, small and medium size fleets must finds the means to do the same by using fuel discount cards.

Look for: freight factoring companies that provide Discount Fuel Cards at major full service truck stops.

With significant discount pricing, trucking companies can save $1,000s on the cost of fuel every month. In addition, fuel cards provide an easy reporting system to track and analyze fuel expenses, driver progress and spending activities. Further, they allow for daily cash advances to provide drivers the ability to access cash as authorized by the company owner. The best fuel card programs offer credit terms, allowing trucking companies to easily manage fuel expenses whether it has one truck or a fleet of hundreds.

the benefits of a fuel discount program

Figure 7-1: Hallmarks of a Robust Fuel Discount Program

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