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Trucker's Profit & Loss Calculator

Calculate your trucking company's profit margin on loads.

Make sure you remain profitable with this easy to use calculator.

  1. Enter $ amount of revenue to be earned by hauling this load.
  2. Enter loaded and empty miles associated with this haul.
    Total miles will auto populate.
  3. Enter your trucking company’s unique Cost-per-Mile rate.*
    Learn to Calculate your Cost-per-Mile. * the calculator will remember your unique CPM rate next time you return.
  4. Profit/Loss per Line Haul will display when all fields are entered.

1. Line Haul Revenue:

2. Miles



3. Cost-per-Mile:


input your company's cost-per-mile rate

Calculate your Cost-per-Mile

4. Profit/Loss per Line Haul   ▶

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