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What is the Difference Between Factoring vs. Line of Credit?

Freight factoring is designed specifically for trucking companies:

  • Easy Qualification
  • Cash Advance up to 97% of your combined Acccounts Receivables
  • No predetermined funding amount. The more invoices you produce, the more funding becomes available
  • Only pay fees on funds drawn
  • Dedicated Account Manager to service your needs
  • Easy 24/7 access to your online account
  • Free Credit Reports
  • Accounts Receivable Management Included

A commercial line of credit is designed for the benefit of the bank:

  • Highly restrictive qualification requirements
  • Predetermined funding amount.
  • Must comply with bank covenants in order to continue funding
  • Banks audit your account continuously. Any financial metrics that disrupt their sense of comfort will result in the loan being terminated

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