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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Accutrac's Invoice Factoring, Freight Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Receivables Lending & more!

What is Freight Factoring?
How Does Freight Factoring Work?
Do I Use Recourse or Non-Recourse Factoring?
What is Accutrac's Factoring Line of Credit?
Do I Qualify for Freight Factoring?
How Does Freight Factoring Help my Startup Company?
How Can Factoring Grow My Trucking Business?
How Is Freight Factoring Cost Effective?
How Do I Get Started?
How Long Does it Take to Get Initial Funding?
When Will I Receive Funding?
How Do I Request Funding and Monitor my Account?
How Will my Customers Remit Payment to Accutrac Capital?
What Happens if My Customers are Unable to Pay?
Who Will Contact My Customer to Collect Payment?
How is Freight Factoring Different Than a Bank Loan?
Can I Start Freight Factoring Despite Past Bankruptcy?
What is The Importance of a Credit Score?
What Services Does Accutrac Offer?
What is a Fuel Card?
What Is Cash Flow and its Importance?
How Can Factoring Help my Cash Flow Forecasting?
Where Can I Learn More About Freight Factoring?
What is the Difference Between Factoring vs. Line of Credit?
Freight Factoring & Discount Fuel Cards for Trucking Industry
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