Why You Should Use Trucking Fuel Cards

Why You Should Use Trucking Fuel Cards

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Trucking fuel cards are your first-best solution to provide your drivers with readily accessible funds to pay for company expenses, while reducing your costs through fuel discounts. They allow you to monitor and manage expenditures efficiently and securely.

Why truckers shouldn't carry cash

Carrying large amounts of cash to pay for the inevitable day-to-day expenses of keeping your trucks on the road is not only problematic, it can be downright dangerous.

Robbery: Even if cash is well concealed, a driver who uses large amounts of cash to pay for operating expenses while on the road sends a clear signal to anyone watching; he's carrying cash somewhere. Asking your drivers to carry large amounts of cash can set them at risk for robbery and bodily harm.

Control and reporting: Even the most organized driver finds it difficult to log all cash expenditures. To control your costs, you need to know what they are, track them and record them on financial reports and for tax purposes. That gets even tougher with transactions completed with cash.

A strain on cash flow: Sending drivers out on a long-haul runs with all the cash they need for their trips can put a real strain on cash flow. You'll either provide them with more than they need and tie up too much cash, or not enough and leave them short and scrambling to find the funds to pay for fuel, scales, repairs and so on.

Why you should use fuel cards in your trucking business

  • Eliminates the need for drivers to carry large amounts of cash.

  • Fuel discounts at retail fueling and terminal locations across North America mean more money goes to your bottom line.

  • Allows authorized personnel to add funds as required while on the road, much like a personal ATM/debit card; safely and securely.

  • Provides a secure and simple way for drivers to pay for fuel, repairs, scales, hotel rooms, receive cash and other necessities.

  • Set product, volume and dollar limits, and monitor expenses, allowing you to control costs.

  • Safe and secure with security information required prior to all transactions. If lost or stolen, the card can be immediately discontinued.

  • 24/7 online access lets you get a real-time view of your fleet's activities.

  • Provides detailed information about spending activities and driver progress; automatically transmitted back to the home office.

  • Helps you calculate fuel taxes easily based on transaction data.

For more information about fuel cards for your trucking and transportation business, visit www.accutraccapital.com.


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