Trucking Fuel Cards: Balancing Accessibility with Control

Trucking Fuel Cards: Balancing Accessibility with Control

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Sometimes it can be a difficult balancing act. As the owner of a trucking business, you need to keep cash readily accessible to your drivers to pay for company expenses. But, at the same time, you need to be careful to control how and where that money is spent. Reputable accounts receivable factoring companies that specialize in freight transportation provide multiple funding options and cash flow management tools to help your trucking company. Fuel Cards are a powerful tool providing discount pricing at the pumps, access ready cash and keep your trucking business's expenses under control. 

Accessible Cash

Empowering your drivers to handle the day-to-day decisions and problem solving required while on the road is not only good for your trucking business, it's good for morale too. Part of that empowerment is making sure that drivers have the tools and resources needed to do their job efficiently and effectively. That includes setting up systems where drivers have access to ready cash to pay for expenses while away from your terminal.

Controlled Cash

To keep your business's expenses under control and its cash flow healthy, providing financial resources to drivers must be balanced with a strong system of security and control. You may say, "But I trust my drivers. Why would I require controls?" Setting up control systems isn't about a lack of trust. It's an important part of keeping your finger on the financial pulse of your trucking business. An effective control system will allow you to:

  • control where purchases are made to take advantage of preferred customer and volume buying discounts
  • protect against unauthorized usage
  • analyze purchasing trends between drivers
  • track and predict cash flow required on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • track expenses for bookkeeping and tax purposes

Trucking Fuel Cards for Accessible and Secure Cash Flow

Trucking fuel cards, like those offered by Accutrac Capital, are a great solution to provide drivers with accessible funds to pay for company expenses, while reducing your costs through fuel discounts. They allow you to monitor and manage expenditures efficiently and securely. Fuel cards allow authorized personnel to add funds as required while on the road, much like a personal ATM/debit card; safely and securely. Though they're called "fuel cards", they're used for much more than just purchasing fuel. Fuel cards provide your drivers with a secure and simple way to pay for fuel, repairs, scales, hotel rooms, receive cash and to pay for other necessities.

Additional benefits of Accutrac Capital's trucking fuel cards:

  • You take advantage of fuel discounts available at retail fueling and terminal locations across North America.
  • You set product, volume and dollar limits, and monitor expenses, allowing you to control costs.
  • They're safe and secure, with security information required prior to all transactions. If lost or stolen, the card can be immediately discontinued.
  • 24/7 online access lets you get a real-time view of your fleet's activities whenever it's convenient to you.
  • Provides detailed information about spending activities and driver progress; automatically transmitted back to your head office.
  • Helps you calculate fuel taxes easily based on transaction data.
  • They're safer for drivers because they eliminate the need for drivers to carry large amounts of cash.

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