Truck Driver Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Drivers

Truck Driver Shortage: How to Recruit and Retain Drivers

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Truck Driver ShortageThe truck driver shortage is a huge challenge for growing trucking companies across North America. Having a viable strategy for recruiting and retaining drivers will have a significant and positive impact on the sustainability of your company. A Fuel Discount Program can help you attract drivers and save you money.

According to the American Trucking Association, the driver turnover rate for large truckload carriers was 94% during the first quarter of 2018.

Recruiting new drivers into your trucking company is essential if you want to grow and meet demand. Actively implementing strategies to retain the drivers you already have is equally important and can pay enormous dividends today and into the future.

How Focusing on Driver Retention Pays Dividends

  • A happy driver, who feels valued, will choose to stay put…even when offered better pay.
  • Youll get better results using referral bonuses for recruiting. When you treat your drivers well, theyll be more apt to recommend a new driver to join your team.
  • Your customers will notice. Lets face it, happy drivers give better service.

How to Recruit and Retain Drivers

While rate of pay will always be an important issue in recruiting and retaining drivers, its a myth that it is the only factor that counts. In fact, a great workplace culture and driver perks can often trump the rate of pay when a new driver is deciding to sign on, or an experience driver is deciding whether to stay.

Here are some ideas for what you can do to attract and retain truck drivers:

Make your company a great place to work. Even more than money, nothing keeps a driver loyal to your trucking business than making it a great place to work. As an owner, look for ways to recognize your drivers for their work. Respect them and communicate with them. Take the time to listen to them and make drivers feel like an important part of your trucking company. And, ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to do their job effectively.

Build a reputation for keeping promises. However you slice it, a paycheck is a promise. It may seem obvious, but making sure that your drivers are paid accurately and on time is critical to keeping them. Also, when you say youll do something, do it. The trust youll build with your drivers will be worth its weight in gold. Many trucking companies now utilize freight factoring to ensure positive cash flow. Converting invoices into immediate cash is now a common practice for a growing number of trucking companies to meet ongoing operational expenses such as fuel costs and driver payroll.

Find ways to recognize and reward drivers. Rewarding drivers doesnt have to cost extra. Never underestimate the value of a sincere thank you. When providing tools and resources to do their jobs, choose discount fuel cards that do more than save you money. Supply your drivers with a discount fuel program that is partnered with North Americas largest chain of high quality truck stop facilities. The added convenience, comforts and services provided at these locations will be greatly appreciated by your drivers while they are on the road.

Accutracs Discount Fuel Card helps attract Truck Drivers

By choosing a driver-friendly discount fuel program, youll be offering your drivers added benefits while on the road. Its a double-win. You get significant discounts on fuel, and your drivers get a premium experience when utilizing facilities.

Accutracs Discount Fuel program is partnered with North Americas top rated truck stop network. Conveniently located along the lanes you run, these full service truck stops will enhance driver satisfaction while theyre on the road. High quality fueling/rest stop facilities provide:

  • Best coffee on the Interstate
  • Clean showers (best in the industry)
  • Entertainment and game rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Fresh food
  • Ample parking
  • On-site security
  • Driver services and rewards
  • Mobile app to find locations, fuel prices and more!

As a trucking business owner, youll also benefit from:

  • Significant fuel discounts
  • No transaction fees
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Card security , monitoring and control
  • Flexible credit terms
  • Great customer support

Show drivers that you care enough to provide them with extra amenities while theyre on the road and youll benefit from satisfied drivers who are happy to refer other drivers to work for you.

To learn more about how our Trucking Company Fuel Discount Program can help you retain and recruit truck drivers, contact us today.


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