Transportation Equipment: A History driven by Technology

Transportation Equipment: A History driven by Technology

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Use Asset Based Lending to keep your fleet updated with current technology and efficient equipment. This pictorial history illustrates the evolution of trucking equipment;  a history of how technology is changing the face of trucking.

Stay competitive

To stay competitive, the average trucking company will replace its existing power units every seven to eight years. Equipment Financing, a form of asset-based lending, is an ideal solution for transportation companies to secure the funds needed to acquire new equipment.

Choose Equipment Financing to generate cash

No matter the age of your current working equipment, Accutrac Capital will accept your companys used tractors and trailers as collateral to extend credit when conventional lenders wont.

Trucking companies of various sizes and business stages choose Equipment Financing to generate a large influx of cash to:

  • Fund growth
  • Leverage opportunities
  • Purchase more equipment

Leverage your aging equipment with Accutrac Capital's Equipment Financing:

  • Flexible terms
  • Your equipment becomes your collateral security
  • Fast access to large cash reserves
  • On the spot pre-qualification

Contact Accutrac Capital today to learn more about Equipment Financing.


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