Accutrac Acquires Over $14M in New Business

Accutrac Acquires Over $14M in New Business

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Freight Bill Factoring continues to grow as a mainstream financial strategy for trucking companies. Accutrac Capital, a specialized transportation factoring company, is taking a lead role in developing enhanced features, benefits and procedures to further improve factoring for the transportation industry. Since the beginning of 2017, Accutrac Capital has signed over $14 M in new business with trucking companies needing fast, reliable funding.

Accutracs faster qualification timelines and simplified document uploading capabilities have streamlined the funding process to enhance user experience. Now, trucking companies enjoy greater convenience and ease of use to access working capital. Our popular Flat Fee Factoring features the industrys lowest factoring fees and highest advance rates to deliver more cash upfront when you need it most. To further enhance your bottom line, Accutracs Fuel Discount program provides huge savings every month on your companys largest operating expense.

Superior customer service, cost saving services and simple to manage, low cost freight bill factoring products are the hallmarks of the Accutrac Capital brand.



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