Invoice Factoring: A Business Payment Process Solution

Invoice Factoring: A Business Payment Process Solution

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Every business depends on its payment process cycle. It has often been observed that large businesses are able to handle a cash crunch situation effectively due to the availability of reserve surplus. But, when it comes to a small business, striking equilibrium between the operational expenses and productivity cost becomes very difficult if the payment cycle is disrupted. This is where the need for invoice factoring comes into the picture.

Fundamentals of Invoice Factoring

The fundamentals of invoice factoring are very simple to understand. All you need to do is find a good factoring company. The factoring company will undertake responsibility of your invoices and pay you almost 95% of the total invoice in advance. The remaining percentage will be paid minus a fee upon the maturity of the invoice. The fee is fairly nominal and depends on a couple of factors. The first is the credit worthiness of the clients, the better the credibility, the lower the fee and vice versa. Another factor is the size of your organization. Here are a couple of points that will help you find the right business factoring company.

Reputation and Goodwill: Make sure you handover your invoices to a small business factoring company that has a trusted name in the market, helping to ensure you get the cash quickly. Remember, engaging in a contract with an invoice factoring company is a long term relationship. Make sure that the company has the necessary experience in hand. You are also advised to visit the website and read more about the working profile of the company. Reading online forums and getting some clients reviews is also a good idea as it helps you understand the quality of service to expect from the company. 

Financially Stable Factoring Company: You should look for a stable financial institution that will be able to support the business. You should always look for a good set of T&C (terms and conditions) and a company you are comfortable working with since there will be plenty of interaction. Finally, you may want to consider a company that can give you Internet access to your accounts. This will help you easily track the ledger, sales, collections, and your factored amounts.

Fees: Try and check the fee parameters of the company before signing the contract. Make sure that too much burden is not inflicted on your company upon maturity of the invoice.

I hope these points help you understand the importance of finding the right small business factoring company. Accutrac Capital Solutions is a leading invoice factoring company providing small business factoring services. For more details log onto:


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