Invoice Factoring Company: Help Expand Your Operations as You Meet New Opportunities

Invoice Factoring Company: Help Expand Your Operations as You Meet New Opportunities

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Invoice Factoring, Equipment Financing and Discount Fuel Cards are powerful financial tools readily available to growing freight transportation companies.

Without the adequate financial backing, growth is a challenge many companies regularly face. Increased qualification restrictions and stringent covenants prevent many trucking companies from obtaining necessary funding from the commercial banking system. 

Invoice Factoring Company Helps Expand Your Operations as You Meet New Opportunities To enable growth, you need more:

  • Equipment
  • Drivers
  • Working Capital
  • Back Office Support

Whether you are a one truck company, a medium size fleet or a larger more established fleet, an Invoice Factoring Company can provide tools to expand your operations as you meet new opportunities.

Finding the Right Factoring Company Who Understands Your Business

To grow, companies need a lender who understands your business and has the financial tools to meet your needs. Factoring companies specializing in the trucking industry offer several financial solutions tailored to trucking businesses.

Equipment Financing: Gain Access to More Funds

There is tied up equity in your existing equipment that can be unlocked and leveraged to gain access to more funds. Equipment financing is a key financial tool to meet this objective. Invoice factoring companies that specialize in the trucking industry understands the value of your existing equipment assets, regardless of its age, which can be leveraged to achieve further financing. This is an ideal solution to raise the needed down payment for the purchase or lease of new equipment.

New monthly payments on additional equipment, increased payroll, more working capital and increased overhead costs are difficult financial obligations to meet each and every month. Unless you have a reliable customer base that pays quickly, have access to a large cash reserve or a private investor with deep pockets, your growing truck operation needs an alternative solution to access immediate and ongoing cash. 

Invoice Factoring: Immediate Cash Flow, Reduced Risk & Improved Administration

What if your trucking company was paid on delivery after delivering a load? Invoice factoring provides cash flow as soon as you submit your invoice! Imagine the financial control your company requires to meet the financial obligations that accompany your growing business. With the inclusive benefits of increased credit protection and professional accounts receivable management to augment your existing administration, invoice factoring improves cash flow, reduces risk and improves your administration.

Further, invoice factoring grows your credit availability as your business grows. The more business you generate, the more working capital becomes available. For growing trucking companies, invoice factoring is an ideal solution to access immediate funds and a healthy cash flow.

Discount Fuel Cards: More than Just Significant Cost Savings on Fuel

Beyond the obvious benefit of significant and ongoing savings on the cost of fuel every month, discount fuel cards provide much more. There are many fuel cards and fleet cards available, but few carry a complete array of bundled services to meet all your needs.

Look for a fuel card program that partners with a large network of full service truck stops to ensure your drivers have access to convenient and quality amenities, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Ample parking
  • Showers & laundry
  • Entertainment
  • ATMs and check cashing services

Driver satisfaction is a major contributor to driver recruitment and retention. Ensuring they have convenience and comforts while on the road will strengthen your driver pool. Discount fuel card programs partnered with Pilot Flying J, the largest network of quality truck stops in the USA and Canada, carry immense value in respect to cost savings and driver satisfaction.

Accutrac Capital: A Factoring Company Who Understands Trucking

A growing trucking company faces many challenges to sustain itself. Working with a factoring company that understands the industry and provides multiple services to support your growth is an essential asset. Accutrac Capital is an industry leader providing invoice factoring, discount fuel cards, and equipment financing for companies.

For more information contact Accutrac Capital today.


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