Get Cash and Save Cash along your trucking lanes

Get Cash and Save Cash along your trucking lanes

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Flat Fee Factoring is a specific form of invoice factoring uniquely designed to provide an easy cash flow solution for trucking companies. If you run a trucking company, you need daily access to working capital. Without adequate funds, your fleet movement is compromised and your ability to respond to new business opportunities is limited.

Due to the restrictive nature of commercial banking, a large percentage of fleets do not qualify for conventional operating lines of credit, resulting in regular shortfalls of cash reserves necessary to sustain daily operations. An industry-specific factoring company has easy-to-qualify-for financial services to fund trucking companies in this situation. 

These three services provide your working fleet the ability to get cash and save cash while hauling freight. The following infographic illustrates how these funding solutions create Cash Points along your trucking lanes to support operations and feed your bottom line.

For more information about cash flow management and the benefits of Flat Fee Factoring, contact Accutrac Capital. Call 855-790-0906 today.






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