Fuel Discounts: Cost Saving Strategies for Your Trucking Company

Fuel Discounts: Cost Saving Strategies for Your Trucking Company

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Discount Fuel Cards for Cost Savings

Discouunt Fuel Cards: Cost Saving Strategies for Your Trucking Company

When trucking companies search for cost savings they gain a competitive advantage and immediately improve their profitability. Fortunately, there is an easy and convenient way for trucking companies to find cost savings with the use of Discount Fuel Cards; cards that provide significant discount pricing on the cost of fuel.

Growing top line revenue is, undoubtedly, the number one focus for most business owners. But, after all is said and done, an increase in the top line doesn't always translate to an increase in profitability. However, a dollar saved from operating costs goes directly to the bottom line. It is money in the bank.

Many of the ongoing operating costs of a trucking company qualify as items to be reviewed for cost reduction strategies. Of these, by far the most important is fuel costs. The average commercial truck can easily burn through $70,000 or more in fuel per year. Any savings in this portion of your expenses has a significant positive impact to your bottom line.

The Quest for Fuel Efficiency

Enhanced engine performance, improved aerodynamics, the latest tire engineering; these items are all part of the equation when analyzing fuel efficiency. Truck owners and fleet managers who successfully integrate these new technologies realize a significant return. In order to achieve these cost savings a sizeable investment is needed upfront, and there lies the challenge for most owners of trucking companies.

Profitability is a Discipline

First and foremost, it is important to realize the race to improved profitability is a marathon not a sprint. Develop a long term strategy with specific goals and milestones to achieve, then pace yourself. Perhaps your starting point is simply to upgrade your trailers with the latest in aerodynamic skirting. This upgrade alone can realize a 2-3% fuel savings. Over the course of a year the accumulated savings will increase your profit margin. Now you are in a better financial position to invest even further. Your next goal may be to upgrade to newer tire technology to achieve even higher results. As your fleet’s trend for fuel efficiency increases, so too does your financial status, which opens more doors of opportunity for continued improvements.

Improved Financial Liquidity

Let’s now go back to step one. How can you afford your first investment in technology when cash flow is constrained by delayed payments from your customers? Several options are available, but the increasing popularity of invoice factoring to access immediate working capital is a growing trend in the trucking industry. Factoring improves cash flow and features inherent benefits such as professional accounts receivable management and reduced credit risk. Invoice factoring is a cost effective tool to increase liquidity and a proven strategy to improve your company’s financial position. Suddenly, the ability to invest in technology is a viable option.

Discount Fuel Cards are for all Trucking Companies no matter their size!

Most certainly, Discount Fuel Cards are the most powerful financial tools available to trucking companies engaged in the pursuit of fuel cost reduction. Many fuel card programs are available from many providers, but not all carry the advanced benefits required to sustain real savings and convenient service. To ensure you receive the best advice and services, contact a financial provider that fully understands trucking companies. These are the providers who will offer specialized services specific to the industry and provide aggressive discount pricing to all fleets, large or small.

The Solution: Discount Fuel Card Program

Accutrac Capital knows trucking. We understand the complex challenges unique to the industry and we offer innovative financial solutions to meet the overwhelming demands you face every day. Accutrac offers invoice factoring at the lowest advertised rates, high cash advances and simple, easy to manage terms. Accutrac Capital meets your financial needs with tailor made solutions to improve cash flow. .

In addition to our specialized freight factoring services, Accutrac Capital provides a selection of cost saving programs designed to save money on an ongoing basis. Our Discount Fuel Card program provides significant savings at major fuel centers across USA and Canada. Valued by trucking companies of all sizes for its considerable discount pricing, Accutrac Capital’s Discount Fuel Card Program is packed with additional enhanced benefits. No Fee transactions, detailed online reporting, convenience and security are all features of this important cost saving program. Use of Accutrac Capital’s Discount Fuel Cards can result in monumental savings to both small carriers and larger fleets.

Improved fuel efficiency and discounted fuel pricing are two important steps in reducing the cost of your company’s largest operating expense. Be sure you contact a reputable financial provider who fully understands the complexities of the trucking industry before you choose the services that work best for your company.

For more information on Invoice Factoring and Discount Fuel Cards, please visit: www.accutraccapital.com


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