FLAT FEE FACTORING is a Game Changer!

FLAT FEE FACTORING is a Game Changer!

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An essential component of running an efficient operation is to minimize variables. It's a constant challenge hunting for good paying loads both outbound and inbound. Managing an often fluctuating pool of professional and dependable drivers is vital to sustain a reliable service your customers can depend on. Maintaining equipment, complying with regulations, paying taxes, insurance and over-the-road expenses are all operational costs that vary month to month. In this industry of too many moving parts, establishing a solid financial strategy to manage the constant flux of operational costs is essential. Flat fee factoring is an easy to mange cash flow solution preferred by many truck company owners for its simple to calculate one time cost.

Minimize Variables

Imagine the freedom of having a source of positive cash flow that grows with your business. Imagine calculating down to the penny how much and when each invoice pays out. Imagine if every destination point your trucks encounter was a cash generating point. What if you had the ability to calculate revenue and cost per mile while receiving payment in a controlled environment. That would be a significant step forward in minimizing variables - that would be a game changer! 

Flat Fee Factoring is the game changer for many freight carriers. Designed specifically for trucking companies, this simple form of invoice factoring is cost effective and easy to manage. As its name suggests, it's a one-time flat rate that's simple to calculate, easy to manage and convenient to use. As soon as freight is delivered, confirmation received and an invoice is generated, an advance payment of 97% minus a small fee is deposited directly into your account within 24 hours. No matter if your customer takes 9 days or 90 days to pay the invoice, your company is assured remittance within one business day. The balance of 5% is paid to you when your customer completes final payment. This easy to calculate remittance option means you know exactly how much and when each invoice pays out. That goes a long way in minimizing variables and controlling finances.

Positive Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is the state of having more cash incoming and in hand then outgoing expenses. This ideal state of affairs is difficult to achieve and almost impossible to maintain in an industry that's capital intensive and known for having slow paying customers. Flat Fee Factoring has become the preferred choice of factoring options by trucking companies needing access to immediate cash.

The benefits of Flat Fee Factoring stretch well beyond the creation of positive cash flow. At first assessment, a conventional operating line of credit may seem appealing as it offers the lowest cost of capital. However, restrictive covenants, tight credit controls and difficult qualification requirements often tie the hands of a company and limits its ability to respond to new business opportunities. Alternatively, Flat Fee Factoring is easy to qualify for and grows your credit facility as your business grows. The more invoices your fleet generates, the more cash becomes immediately available as working capital. If you are positioning your company for growth, Flat Fee Factoring is the ideal funding option.

Cash Points

Without access to adequate funds, fleet movement is compromised and your ability to respond to new business opportunities is restricted. You need working capital while your fleet is operational, not long after it has returned from a rounder. To support operations and bolster your bottom line, carriers require the ability to generate positive cash flow and save on expenses at Cash Points conveniently positioned along the lanes you run. An experienced factoring company that specializes in the trucking industry has the services to meet this requirement.

Utilizing one or more of the following services will provide instant access to funds and cost savings to keep your fleet operational:


For a better understanding of the Cash Points your trucks can utilize, view this infographic illustrating the many varied opportunities to turn truck stops and destinations into cash collection and cash saving locations: View Infographic

Accutrac Capital is a specialized factoring company providing convenient, cost effective funding solutions to meet the financial needs of trucking companies. For more information about cash flow solutions for your trucking company, contact us at 855-790-0906 today.



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