New CARES Act: 6 Things Trucking Companies Need to Know

New CARES Act: 6 Things Trucking Companies Need to Know

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A Truckers' Survival Guide to COVID-19 & CARES Act

The US federal government’s stimulus package for small trucking businesses and assistance from the private sector is urgently needed to support transportation companies during the pandemic crisis. The CARES Act, passed into law on March 27th , 2020 is the largest economic relief bill in U.S. history. These programs are intended to assist individuals and business through the economic effects of the crisis. The extent of information posted on government websites and through media channels is overwhelming. To simplify the information, Accutrac Capital has consolidated the best financial resources relevant to the trucking industry all in one guide.

Our COVID-19 resource guide provides links to:

  • Individual Stimulus Checks
  • CARES Act
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • SBA Loan Requirements
  • Tax Relief
  • CDC response plans

Download the Truckers' Survival Guide to COVID-19


Be sure to check back regularly as conditions change and updates become available.

April 21, 2020 Update:  

The CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program has run out of money as of Thursday, April 16. Congress is close to a deal to approve $450 billion more towards small business, hospitals and testing.

Accutrac Capital recognizes the immense contribution trucks serve in the battle against the coronavirus outbreak. Medical provisions, food, water and numerous other critical supplies cannot get to their destinations without you. We are proud to support the efforts of the trucking industry and thank you for your dedicated service.

Important Note: Although the government has moved rapidly to provide assistance, infrastructure system failures hindered initial efforts to rollout and distribute relief dollars.  For immediate access to working capital, call Accutrac Capital. We’re here to help.


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