Capital News - Volume 1 - Issue 2 - Trucking

Capital News - Volume 1 - Issue 2 - Trucking

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Two of Canada’s leading alternative financial institutions have joined forces to provide increased service capabilities to the trucking and transportation industries. ITC Invoice to Cash Inc. has now successfully completed its merger with Accutrac Capital to form a greatly expanded organization. Operating under the new name Accutrac Capital ITC Inc.,  ITC's Oscar Rombola and Danilo Caicedo will remain as managing partners.

As a part of the Accutrac Capital group of companies, the new Accutrac Capital ITC will provide a strengthened management team and a broader organization creating an enhanced service experience for customers.

Among the exciting additions that the ITC merger brings to Accutrac Capital is a menu of highly competitive loan and leasing products to help clients purchase new or used equipment. The addition of these services plus the accumulation of other capabilities allows Accutrac Capital to provide additional specialized services such as

UFOS software which allows immediate monitoring on Bills of Lading, Carrier Confirmations and Delivery Status.

“Accutrac Capital has a strong base of clients in the trucking and transportation industries,” explains Charles Sheppard, President of Accutrac Capital. “We pride ourselves in being a full-service alternative financing company. The addition of equipment loan and leasing products is a great complement to our hugely popular Flat Fee Factoring, Load Advance, Fuel Card products and Currency Exchange services.”

The Accutrac Capital group of companies is a collective of premier financial service providers for companies requiring non-traditional funding solutions. Accutrac Capital is a trusted financial institution with offices in Canada and the U.S.A.  By providing innovative products and superior customer service the Accutrac Capital group continues to satisfy the financial needs of a growing customer base. Our professional team has decades of experience in finance and the trucking business and can recognize the common challenges that face today's business owners. We are dedicated to reducing your credit risk, improving your accounts receivable management and provide the necessary funding to benefit your company’s bottom line.


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