Top 4 Tips for Recruiting Committed Truck Drivers in 2019

Top 4 Tips for Recruiting Committed Truck Drivers in 2019

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Is your trucking company’s recruiting and retention efforts off to a rough start?

How-to-Recruit-Truck-Drivers-(2).pngYou are not the only one. Many carriers are unable to balance their recruitment and retention efforts correctly, says the president and CEO of The Hightower Agency, an advertising firm that focuses on driver recruitment and retention.

With employee turnover trending upwards, the road ahead may not be as bleak as it seems. The solution to your hiring challenges may come in the form of more tech-oriented strategies that can help you reach a diverse and younger driver base.

1. Go to Where Your Leads Are

Your recruitment process begins with identifying all of the online and offline spaces your ideal driver spends their time and the types of technology they use to access information.

Many trucking companies are embracing new truck driver recruitment strategies such as moving towards social media, instead of job boards and trade publications, as a source for securing potential drivers.

2. Move Leads Through the Hiring Process at a Faster Rate than Your Competitors

The move towards social media is your first step towards instantaneous communication with ideal hires. However, given the rate at which drivers apply to multiple companies it also pays to create an application process that is mobile-friendly and accessible to drivers at any time.

For example, you can use Lead advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to quicken and ease the application process for ideal hires. This advertisement style is perfect for drivers on the go as the job application can be auto-filled with their information.

3. Develop a Network of Brand Ambassadors

It is almost guaranteed that every potential lead will ask about the level of driver satisfaction at your company. Instead of simply reciting statistics, use your current driver base and social media accounts to communicate how your trucking operation is value-driven and employee-focused.

This process can take many forms such as:

  • Creating a social media campaign that showcases your drivers' experiences
  • Assigning a driver with the responsibility of following up with ideal hires post interview.

Although time-consuming, this process doubles as a retention tactic for current drivers who want to be more involved in your business.

4. Incorporate Technologies that Keep Engagement Going

You can keep the conversation going with potential hires by collecting their information and putting them on an email drip campaign. This way, your hiring efforts will stay on the top of their mind. Make sure to verify those addresses using an email verification program so you are not wasting your efforts emailing to wrong or fake addresses.

5. Bonus Tip: How to Calculate your Driver Turnover Rate

Have these driver recruitment tactics helped you attract committed drivers? Calculate your driver turnover rate before and after you implement these tactics to see if they have improved your driver retention rate.

Divide the number of employees who leave each year by the average number of employees on the payroll and then multiply by 100.

With this information, you can identify any employee engagement issues at your workplace and devise a plan to remedy the situation.

Learn more on how to recruit and retain truck drivers.


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