National Truck Driver's Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver's Appreciation Week

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In Celebration of National Truck Driver's Appreciation Week We Say Thanks for Everything You Do

It’s far too easy for the general public to take truck drivers for granted and fail to recognize the immense service they provide to the nation. Instead, a large majority of the public view the trucking industry as nothing more than a collection of large moving obstacles that block road traffic and worsen congestion. For those of us in the know, nothing is farther from the truth.

September 8th to the 14th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is an important time when all who appreciate our quality of life in North American should reflect and give thanks to the 3.5 million truck drivers who move our world.

Without truck drivers, life as we know it would grind to a halt. Truckers haul over 70 percent of the nation’s freight, or about 10.5 billion tons annually. Raw materials, finished products, food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and so much more are all transported by truck at some point on its journey to the consumer. It’s safe to say that the only thing not delivered by trucks are babies.

75 percent of North American communities are 100 percent dependent on trucks for delivery of goods and services. The remaining 25% also receive goods by rail, air and or sea, but only nominally compared to trucking.

Transporting freight over the road to meet the nation’s need for safe, reliable P&D demands great personal sacrifice from the drivers. Travelling an average of more than 100,000 miles a year and spending 240 nights away from home, family and friends, being a trucker is a solitary career. It takes a special individual to endure the unexpected complications, long days and lonely nights.

From all of us that benefit from the hard work you endure to keep the economy moving....

Thank you for all your hard work!

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