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How to Choose the Best Factoring Company for Trucking

Accutrac Capital 19-Mar-2015 0 Comments

When choosing the best invoice factoring company for your trucking company it is important to choose a Factor that understands the trucking business. A factoring company that provides a selection of specialized services designed for carriers with further value added services to increase cost savings to improve your bottom-line.

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Benefits of Freight Bill Factoring

Accutrac Capital 12-Mar-2015 0 Comments

Freight Bill Factoring provides a number of benefits for a trucking company. Understanding the benefits of freight factoring is essential when choosing a financial strategy to improve cash flow.

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Why Use Freight Factoring for Your Trucking Business

Accutrac Capital 05-Mar-2015 0 Comments

Invoice factoring has taken a dominant position in the financing options of growing trucking and transportation companies. Factoring your freight bills allows trucking companies to take on new and larger accounts or just simply grow their business.

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Factoring: the Best Working Capital Option for Your Trucking Companies

Accutrac Capital 24-Feb-2015 0 Comments

Invoice Factoring, the best funding option to access working capital for your trucking company. To grow, you need a lender who understands your business and has the financial tools to meet your needs. Learn the benefits of choosing invoice factoring as your working capital option.

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How a Factoring Company Helps Assess Credit Risk & Improve Cash Flow

Accutrac Capital 20-Feb-2015 0 Comments

A factoring company can help take the guess work out of assessing credit and improve your cash flow. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to wait to get paid in 60 to 90+ days, if at all. One of the many advantages of working with a factoring company that specializes in the trucking industry includes access to a large database of credit information on brokers. Giving you the information needed to determine if you will get paid.

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How to Calculate Days Sales Outstanding

Accutrac Capital 17-Feb-2015 0 Comments

Calculating Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) also known as accounts receivable turnover is vital in determining the financial health of your company. It is a measure of how fast your customers pay your invoices. Calculating DSO (accounts receivable turnover) is a simple equation that should be performed at least once a quarter.

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Invoice Factoring Company: Help Expand Your Operations as You Meet New Opportunities

Accutrac Capital 13-Feb-2015 0 Comments

Invoice Factoring, Equipment Financing and Discount Fuel Cards are powerful financial tools readily available to growing freight transportation companies. Without the adequate financial backing, growth is a challenge companies regularly face. An Invoice Factoring Company can provide tools to expand your operations as you meet new opportunities.

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Discount Fuel Cards: 9 Things to Look For

Accutrac Capital 03-Feb-2015 0 Comments

Discount Fuel Cards serve as an extremely powerful tool for trucking companies engaged in the quest to save money on fuel. The cost of diesel fuel represents one of the largest operating expenses for a trucking company. Any savings in this portion of your operating costs will have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

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Fuel Discounts: Cost Saving Strategies for Your Trucking Company

Accutrac Capital 02-Feb-2015 0 Comments

Discount Fuel Cards provide significant discounts on the cost of fuel. Fuel discounts directly effect operating costs of a trucking company and any savings in this portion of your expenses has a significant positive impact to your bottom-line. Learn strategies to save on fuel costs.

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Fast Cash for Freight Carriers

Accutrac Capital 28-Jan-2015 0 Comments

Invoice Factoring; With the right Invoice Factoring Company, freight carriers can gain access to fast cash. Since 2008, banks have been reluctant to develop associations with industries traditionally considered High Risk. Transportation companies, a pivotal industry in the growth of the country, ranks high in this classification by the commercial banking sector.

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Calculating Working Capital

Accutrac Capital 15-Jan-2015 0 Comments

If you are running a business, you must have Working Capital. Working Capital is the measure of cash or liquid assets needed for day to day operation. Learn how to calculate your working capital to help you determine your ability to meet your financial obligations.

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Summer 2014 - $6.7M in new Factoring Facilities

Accutrac Capital 25-Sep-2014 0 Comments

The Accutrac Capital Group of Companies today announced it has provided a combined total of $6.7M in factoring facilities to twenty five trucking companies across North America since May/2014.

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