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Transportation Equipment: A History driven by Technology

Accutrac Capital 28-Jul-2015 0 Comments

Use equipment financing, a type of asset based lending, to keep your fleet updated with current technology and efficient equipment. This pictorial history illustrates the evolution of trucking equipment; a history of how technology is changing the face of trucking.

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Fleet Cards: Fuel Discount Cards versus Credit Cards

Accutrac Capital 14-Jul-2015 0 Comments

The pump price for diesel is much higher if paid for by credit card. Instead, use a Fuel Discount Card to receive cash price plus an additional discount. Fuel Discount Cards will return huge savings each month, provide easy accountability and allow for cash advances.

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Flat Fee Factoring: Simple is Better!

Accutrac Capital 29-Jun-2015 0 Comments

Like its name suggests, flat fee factoring is a form of factoring where your fees are an agreed upon percentage of your invoice amount, ALL IN one time cost for 90 days. Easy to understand, one upfront fee with no additional costs, no variables; like days outstanding to impact how much you'll net from the transaction.

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What will your customers think if you use an Invoice Factoring Company?

Accutrac Capital 10-Jun-2015 0 Comments

Today, more trucking businesses than ever, in all stages of development utilize invoice factoring to support their working capital needs. As factoring becomes more mainstream, using an invoice factoring company has become less of a concern to the customers of trucking companies. 7 questions you should ask before you factor your receivables.

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Discount Fuel Cards: 2 Major Benefits for Your Trucking Company

Accutrac Capital 08-Jun-2015 0 Comments

Discount Fuel Cards provide 2 major benefits for your trucking company, to improve your bottom line and strengthen your driver pool.

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Accounts Receivable Management for Trucking: 5 Tips for Getting Paid Faster

Accutrac Capital 11-May-2015 0 Comments

Accounts Receivable Management is a critical task that needs to be performed regularly and professionally in order to fully manage your trucking companys cash flow. The speed with which your company converts its invoices into cash can have a tremendous impact on the overall health and profitability of your trucking business.

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Business Funding: How to get Business Financing for your Growing Trucking Company

Accutrac Capital 04-May-2015 0 Comments

Business growth and obtaining the business financing to sustain expansion is essential for your trucking company to stay competitive. The service flexibility of your small fleet combined with easy access to working capital will position your trucking company with the ability to outperform larger carriers. Take advantage of alternative business financing options designed specifically for the trucking industry to meet your growth plans.

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Discount Fuel Cards for Trucking - Positively Impact Your Bottom-line

Accutrac Capital 01-May-2015 0 Comments

Discount Fuel Cards for Trucking Industry that provides significant discounts on the cost of fuel. Fuel discounts directly effect operating costs of a trucking company and has a significant positive impact to your bottom-line. Learn strategies to save on fuel costs.

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Equipment Financing: a form of Asset-Based Lending

Accutrac Capital 27-Apr-2015 0 Comments

Equipment Financing is a form of asset-based lending. Turn the equity of your used trucks and trailers into immediate cash. This powerful financial tool is the ideal solution get a large influx of working capital into your trucking company.

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Currency Exchange: The Best Exchange Rates for Cross Border Carriers

Accutrac Capital 20-Apr-2015 0 Comments

Currency exchange rates have a direct effect on the profitability of cross boarder carriers. Securing the best exchange rate for your trucking company will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Work with an exchange service that understands the trucking industry and can provide you with the best currency exchange rates.

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Accounts Receivable Turnover: How do I calculate the Days Sales Outstanding of my Customers?

Accutrac Capital 07-Apr-2015 0 Comments

Accounts Receivable Turnover, also known as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), is a measure of the average payment days of your customers. This important metric is vital in determining the financial health of your trucking company. Calculating the DSO is a simple equation. To prevent unnecessary credit risks, it is highly recommended for your company to assess its DSO on an ongoing basis.

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Accutrac Capital, an Invoice Factoring Company is expanding to Kent, Washington

Accutrac Capital 30-Mar-2015 0 Comments

Accutrac Capital, Inc. has acquired the portfolio of Sound Funding of Kent, Washington. With this union, Accutrac Capital, a leader in Invoice Factoring for the Trucking Industry, expands its presence on the American West Coast with a 3rd office location in the region.

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