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Get Cash and Save Cash along your trucking lanes

Accutrac Capital 21-Apr-2016 0 Comments

Trucking is not only a capital intensive industry, but also cash flow intensive, requiring daily access to working capital. This infographic illustrates how your working fleet can access immediate funds to sustain operations while on the road. Flat Fee Factoring, Cash Advance and Fuel Discounts are industry specific financial services that create Cash Points along the lanes you run to keep your trucks moving and bolster your bottom line.

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How does Invoice Factoring increase profitability?

Accutrac Capital 07-Mar-2016 0 Comments

Factoring companies that specialize in freight transportation provide tailored funding options to help your trucking business grow and increase profitability. As the economy seeks revival throughout 2016 and beyond, it is the trucking companies that react quickly and efficiently to opportunities that will benefit the most. With immediate access to working capital, trucking companies can operate at their most productive levels; efficiency is key to profitability.

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Information and Resources: Monitoring the Industry

Accutrac Capital 01-Mar-2016 0 Comments

To assist truck company owners and fleet managers in operating an efficient and profitable trucking business, Accutrac Capital curates a series of blog articles relevant to current industry issues. View our most recent collection, intended to provide a snapshot of market conditions and highlight common topics of interest.

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A History of Invoice Factoring in the Trucking Industry

Accutrac Capital 22-Feb-2016 0 Comments

Invoice Factoring has accompanied and supported the trucking industry since its early days. The success of this financial arrangement is based on the expediting of payment on revenue already generated. Invoice factoring has been around for centuries and will continue to provide financial support to the trucking industry for many more.

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Improving Your Business Credit Score

Accutrac Capital 10-Dec-2015 0 Comments

Improving your business credit score should be one of the main goals of your trucking companys financial strategy. Your business credit status is often the basis for decisions other companies make about you. It pays to have a focused long term goal to foster a strong credit rating for your trucking business.

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How do Bank Covenants Affect Your Trucking Business?

Accutrac Capital 10-Dec-2015 0 Comments

Knowing how bank covenants affect your trucking business is a critical consideration when choosing the right funding solution for your company. Loan covenants are generally associated with financial benchmarks of your business performance and are closely monitored by the bank to assure adherence. Read and thoroughly understand the implications prior to signing an agreement.

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Information and Resources: Capitalize on Industry Knowledge to Maximize Profits

Accutrac Capital 25-Nov-2015 0 Comments

Accutrac Capital searches the internet on a regular basis to identify relevant blog articles that offer valuable insights and perspectives on the trucking industry. Selected articles are posted to assist truck company owners operate their business with greater efficiency. View the most current blog articles selected for our resource library.

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How B.C. Trucking Companies Should Manage the High Cost of Fuel

Accutrac Capital 03-Nov-2015 0 Comments

British Columbia consistently suffers from the highest costs of fuel in the country. One of the biggest challenges of operating a profitable fleet is to keep tight controls on expenses. A fuel cost control strategy must be employed to gain the substantial savings needed to protect your companys profitability. Fuel discount programs that provide significant savings off the pump price will naturally improve your companys bottom line.

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Accutrac Capital Continues to Grow Its Customer Base

Accutrac Capital 28-Oct-2015 0 Comments

Since January of this year, Accutrac Capital has signed on over $17 M in new business. This large addition to our already significant portfolio is a testament to the quality and value of service we deliver to our trucking customers. Select: READ MORE to view the complete gallery of New Business

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Information and Resources: Operating a Successful Trucking Company

Accutrac Capital 26-Oct-2015 0 Comments

Searching the internet for industry related blogs, Accutrac Capital posts regular updates of the top bloggers we have identified to best assist with your efforts to operate an efficient and profitable trucking business. View the most current blog articles selected for our resource library.

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How to Maintain a Sustainable Trucking Company

Accutrac Capital 08-Sep-2015 0 Comments

How to maintain a sustainable trucking company is no less of a challenge now than it has ever been. Basically, its a be prepared for anything scenario as both the Canadian and US economies continue to underperform. Setbacks to both economies in the first quarter of the year resulted in a downward revision to growth projections for 2015. The key to maintaining a sustainable trucking business in this low growth environment is good service and access to working capital.

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Cash Flow Management for Trucking Companies: Planning for Peaks and Valleys

Accutrac Capital 24-Aug-2015 0 Comments

Do you have a cash flow management plan? Without one, your operations can unexpectedly come to a grinding halt. A lack of cash-on-hand or having no funding strategy in place can have dire consequences. The following infographic will help you plan for the inevitable peaks and valleys of your companys cash flow.

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