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Why Choose Recourse Factoring vs Non-Recourse

Accutrac Capital 01-Feb-2017 0 Comments

Once a freight carrier decides to use invoice factoring to gain control of its cash flow, it then becomes a question of whether to use Recourse or Non-Recourse factoring. Perhaps the most misunderstood form of invoice factoring is Non-Recourse. It is commonly believed that a Non-Recourse factoring agreement safe guards the carrier against financial loss if a customer fails to pay their freight bill for any reason. In reality, this is not correct! The Preferred Choice is Recourse Factoring.

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How to Finance your Trucking Company in 2017

Accutrac Capital 09-Jan-2017 0 Comments

2017 is expected to be a positive period of economic growth. This year, the long awaited start to freight capacity contraction is expected to take hold in the third and fourth quarters. This signals the return to higher demand in the freight transportation industry and a need for carriers to plan ahead for growth. A growing number of trucking companies are turning to the distinct advantages of freight factoring to gain immediate access to working capital.

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Controlling Your Largest Operating Expense

Accutrac Capital 20-Dec-2016 0 Comments

Up to a third of all company working capital goes to fuel. Controlling your trucking companys largest operating expense is a very difficult task to manage. Fortunately, the cost saving benefits from a freight factoring Fuel Discount program provides huge savings to offset this ongoing cost. Choose your fuel card provider carefully as not all programs offer the same features and benefits. A Fuel Discount card is a specific form of fuel card, featuring an effective means to save money on fleet operations while adding driver benefits. Fuel Discount Cards from an invoice factoring company such as Accutrac Capital provides cost control, additional security, ease of use and most importantly, cost savings.

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Factoring Provides Financial Certainty

Accutrac Capital 24-Nov-2016 0 Comments

Factoring companies provide a vital element of certainty to owners of trucking companies pursuing financial stability in these uncertain times. By utilizing the inherent benefits of invoice factoring, owners gain immediate access to working capital, a critical necessity in this capital intense industry.

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Invoice Factoring is a Mainstream Financial Strategy for Trucking

Accutrac Capital 24-Oct-2016 0 Comments

As the world around us undergoes rapid change, so too does the trucking industry. It is important to embrace new technologies and rethink old perceptions. Invoice factoring is a prime example of an old concept deserving of re-evaluation. It is now regarded by a growing sector of the industry as an important financial tool to leverage capital, improve collections, minimize risk and reduce expenditures. Invoice factoring for trucking is now considered a mainstream financial strategy to grow fleet operations in this low growth environment.

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Over $15M in new business with trucking companies

Accutrac Capital 30-Aug-2016 0 Comments

Accutrac Capital continues to grow as an industry leading invoice factoring company with dedicated services to the transportation industry. Since the beginning of 2016, Accutrac Capital has signed on over $15 M in new business with trucking companies and related businesses. Superior customer service, experienced, knowledgeable staff and simple to manage, low cost invoice factoring products are the hallmarks of the Accutrac Capital brand. Select: READ MORE to view the complete gallery of New Business

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Calculating Cost-per-Mile of Your Truck Operations (part 2 of 2): Make More Money

Accutrac Capital 22-Aug-2016 0 Comments

Performing the cost-per-mile calculation regularly on your fleet operations is key to making more money for your company. Its not what you earn in revenues thats most important . . . its what you retain as earnings. How much you keep depends on how much you spend. Knowing how much you spend is key to determining how much you need to charge for services. Setting rates higher than expenses yet remaining competitive is one of the most essential exercises in determining the financial health of your trucking company.

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Calculating Cost-per-Mile of Your Truck Operations (part 1 of 2): Know your Costs

Accutrac Capital 08-Jul-2016 0 Comments

If you do not know the cost of each mile your trucks drive, you can run your trucking company out of business before you even know it. Knowing what your operational costs are on a per-mile basis allows you to manage expenses more efficiently and determine an appropriate per-mile rate to charge shippers. For trucking companies, this form of cost control provides the essential information needed to be profitable.

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Key Performance Indicators for Trucking Companies

Accutrac Capital 27-Jun-2016 0 Comments

If you own or manage a trucking company, you need to know the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial to the success of your organization. Identifying and tracking the KPIs that are appropriate to your companys performance is comparable to using a map and compass to evaluate direction and progress towards your strategic goals.

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Trucking Load Boards and Employment Sites

Accutrac Capital 15-Jun-2016 0 Comments

Load boards are useful tools for trucking companies to find and acquire loads. With so many options available it's often difficult to choose a load board that best suits your needs. This article features a few of the industry's trucking load boards and employment websites to help you narrow your search and find good loads or the best trucking jobs.

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Information and Resources: Tracking the Industry

Accutrac Capital 17-May-2016 0 Comments

Trucking is a complex industry creating a difficult management environment for business owners and fleet managers to operate in. Accutrac Capital regularly posts blog articles featuring information and opinions from industry advocates to assist in making informed decisions. View our most recent collection of articles selected for our resource library.

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FLAT FEE FACTORING is a Game Changer!

Accutrac Capital 05-May-2016 0 Comments

Establishing a solid financial strategy to manage the constant flux of operational costs is essential. What if you had the ability to calculate revenue and cost per mile while receiving payment in a controlled environment. That would be a significant step forward in minimizing variables - that would be a game changer! Flat Fee Factoring is the game changer for many freight carriers.

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