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Management Tools to Control, Save, and Protect Your Cash

Factoring Account


Account Transparency & Control

Convenient to use functionality provides easy uploading of documents to facilitate quick funding. Monitor transactions in real time for full transparency and maximum control.

  • Secure Online 24/7 Monitoring
  • Easy Document Upload
  • Transactions in real time

Fuel Account


Maximum Control of Fuel Costs

Simple navigation allows you the ability to easily drill down from high level over view dashboards to detailed itemized transactions. Information and control functions include:

  • Card Security, Monitoring & Control
  • View maximum credit limit and alerts
  • Easy to understand detailed reports

Credit Search Tool


Free, Unlimited Credit Checks

Ongoing monitoring will alert you of potential problems that may affect your customers’ ability to pay, helping your trucking company avoid bad debt.

  • Unlimited Credit Checks
  • Simple & Free to use
  • Large database with thousands of companies

Accutrac provides tools and services to protect your money

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