Freight Factoring Company | Factoring for Trucking

Freight Factoring Company | Factoring for Trucking

Immediate Access to the Cash you Need - 99.9% Approval Rate

Freight Factoring Products

Flat Fee Factoring

From 1.59% ALL-IN for 90 Days

Simple and easy to manage. Easy to calculate one time cost.

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Factoring Line of Credit

From 0.022% per day*

Maximum value and control for larger truck fleets.

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Cash Advance B4 Delivery

50% Cash Advance on Pick Up

Get cash before you deliver your load.

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Best Freight Factoring Company

Our dedicated teams are industry experts providing fast cash for small to large fleets:


99.9% Approval Rate

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Fast Qualification – Same Day Funding

*Factoring Line of Credit has a small administration fee charged against each invoice.
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Instant Approval

Qualification for freight factoring is easy ...
99.9% Approval Rate . . . it’s simple and hassle free!

If you have receivables from credit worthy customers, we can help:

  • Startup operations
  • High growth companies with insufficient working capital
  • Businesses in transition
  • Companies that have tripped their bank covenants
  • Carriers that do not qualify for a conventional bank loan

Call today . . . Get Approved Today!

flat fee factoring cost
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Immediate Access to Cash

You don’t have the time to wait to be paid...
Get the cash you need now with AM & PM funding

Quicker than Quick Pay!

  • Submit invoices today - Get paid today
  • Easy funding submission - Fast document upload
  • No original required
  • Funds deposited directly into your account
  • Monitor all transactions online

Your cash can’t flow any quicker than this!


Highest Advance

Advance Rate: the percent of the invoice that you receive up front.

Rates are based on a variety of factors including:

  • the age of the receivables
  • the quality of the receivables

Advance rates of 85 to 95 percent are considered the norm for trucking companies that factor their freight bills.

Any advance rate higher than 95 percent is considered high.

Accutrac Capital provides High Advance rates:

  • Up to 100% Cash Advance
  • Paid same day with no delays in funding

Remaining balance is paid immediately upon full payment of invoice by your customer.

Lowest Rates | Highest Advance
More cash in your pocket up front when you need it most!


flat fee factoring cost
invoice copies

Zero Hidden Fees

Freight bill factoring with no set-up costs and no surprises.
It’s what we don’t give you that really counts:

  • NO application fees
  • NO monthly minimum fees
  • NO invoice processing fees
  • NO credit information fees

All factoring charges, fees and percentages associated with your account are clearly laid out at the outset of the factoring agreement.

Freight bill factoring with Full Transparency ... It’s what we do!

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