Case Study

"My experience with Accutrac has been great and I recommend them gladly to anyone who asks. I can't think of a better factoring product or a better group of people to work with. They really are our partner in this business.

About Our Client

TransAm Carriers began with a few trucks in 2006 and today has over 50 trucks servicing Canada, the US and Mexico. TransAm offers Long and Short Haul Truckload and LTL service and is known for its exceptional service and state-of-the-art tracking technology.

"What interested me most when we first started talking with Accutrac was their product offering. Their Factoring Line of Credit gave me the flexibility I wanted to draw on cash flow when I needed it," says Dmitri Protas, president of TransAm Carriers. "Accutrac offered a higher advance upfront and had lower factoring rates than any of the other factoring companies I researched."

The Opportunity

Accutrac saw a great opportunity to work with TransAm to customize a Factoring Line of Credit product. We knew we could help them to create processes and utilize our in-house tools to better understand, predict and control their cash flow. This would help them manage their day-to-day requirements and provide the cash needed to fund their growth and expansion.

"Accutrac provided us with tools and showed us not only how to manage our cash flow now. They taught us how to easily predict what it will be in the future. It's made a huge difference to how we control our spending and manage our business," says Dmitri Protas. "And, they'd go out of their way to help us. Because they're experts in trucking, Accutrac was able to provide us with great advice and industry contacts for better rates on equipment and places to call when we needed quick answers."

The Solution

Accutrac worked with TransAm to create our customized Factoring Line of Credit product that:

  • provided a line of credit equal to invoiced receivables
  • only charged factoring fees on funds drawn
  • performed customer credit checks
  • took away the headaches of managing receivables and collections
  • offered full transparency with 24/7 online access to accounts

The Result

Not only did Accutrac help TransAm with flexible financing during times of growth, they took an active role to offer relevant industry advice to help strengthen TransAm's trucking business.

"I value Accutrac's professionalism. They're very knowledgeable and do what they say they'll do. Their staff is really friendly. And, they go above and beyond because they genuinely care about helping us be successful," says Dmitri Protas. "I know that, when we need help, Accutrac will be there for us."

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