Case Study

"What I like about Accutrac is their personal approach and how well they know the trucking business. They took a personal interest to get to know us and to understand what we were doing. They're very approachable and always available for my questions.

About The Client

Mainstream Logistics is a family-owned transportation company that services South Western Ontario with overnight delivery service. Mainstream specializes in LTL, full loads, expedited service, transporting hazardous goods and heated service. Operated out of Kitchener, Ontario, their facility includes a full service 5500 foot warehouse.

"We found Accutrac at a time when we were looking to re-launch the transportation and logistics business we'd had for 30 years," says Kathryne Hartleib. "After a bad experience with our long-time bank, we decided to revisit factoring. We have worked with a factoring company out of Toronto in the past and hated the experience. What a difference working with Accutrac has been. They're very approachable and extremely knowledgeable about the trucking industry. And they really care about helping us to be successful."

The Opportunity

It's rewarding to work with a startup and watch them grow over time. When Mainstream Logistics came to us, they were still considering re-launching their business. It gave us the opportunity to look at their financing options and offer solutions and advice to start them off on the right road.

"We met with Ken and Charles and said, ‘here's what we're thinking'. They encouraged us to go ahead with our ideas and were very supportive to our startup," says Kathryne.

The Solution

Accutrac worked with Mainstream Logistics to:

  • provide financing to maintain their fleet and warehouse and to keep cash flow flexible
  • offer insight and advice into different ways to approach their business
  • perform customer credit checks
  • manage receivables and collections

The Result

Mainstream Logistics re-launched their business successfully in 2010 and now services South Western Ontario specializing in overnight delivery service.

"If it hadn't been for Accutrac, I don't think we could have re-launched our business," says Kathryne. "They provided us with the cash flow we needed and expert advice to help us be successful."

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