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Success Story: TransAm Carriers

Accutrac saw a great opportunity to work with TransAm to customize a Factoring Line of Credit product. We knew we could help them to create processes and utilize our in-house tools to better understand, predict and control their cash flow. This would help them manage their day-to-day requirements and provide the cash needed to fund their growth and expansion.

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Success Story: Moore Brothers

Invoice factoring for Moore Brothers (our full service option) had Accutrac reviewing accounting practices and making recommendations for improvement. After working with their bookkeeper, we realized that Moore Brothers was in a better position financially than their statements were showing. Our considerable experience in the transportation industry coupled with this new information opened the door to opportunities for improvement.

Case Study

Success Story: Messenger Freight

Unlike the short-sightedness of traditional lenders, Accutrac saw Messenger Freight's potential along with their challenges. In addition to the rising fuel and operating costs that all trucking companies were experiencing, Messenger was growing. Waiting 45 days for customers to pay simply wasn't an option if they wanted to take advantage of that growth potential. A factoring line of credit offered the solution.

Case Study

Success Story: Mainstream Logistics

It's rewarding to work with a startup and watch them grow over time. When Mainstream Logistics came to us, they were still considering re-launching their business. It gave us the opportunity to look at their financing options and offer solutions and advice to start them off on the right road.

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