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The cheapest invoice factoring designed specifically for Trucking Companies.

Flat Fee Factoring

Flat Fee Factoring

From 1.59% ALL-IN for 90 Days

A simple, easy to manage option with an easy to calculate one time cost.

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Factoring Line of Credit

Factoring Line of Credit

From 0.022% per day*

A flexible line of credit providing maximum value & control for larger truck fleets.

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Flex Factoring

Flex Factoring

Only 0.49% for 10 days

The ideal funding option for carriers with quick paying customers.

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Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring products for trucking companies:
Industry’s Lowest Rates | Same Day Funding | High Advance Rates | No Originals Required

  • You gain immediate access to cash
  • Our factoring rates are among the best in the industry
  • You get the benefit of expert staff to check credit scores and manage receivables
  • Your clients will appreciate our efficient, professional approach to managing your receivables
  • The cost of factoring is often offset by savings from accurate & efficient A/R management
  • Accutrac provides full transparency, there are no hidden fees
  • Secure online access to view your account, 24/7

Get your cash flow rolling…simple and hassle free! Get started today!

*Factorng Line of Credit has a small administration fee charged against each invoice.

  • Accutrac understands our trucking business. They go out of their way to help you with great information and advice.

  • What I like about Accutrac is their personal approach and how well they know the trucking business. They took a personal interest to get to know us and to understand what we were doing. They're very approachable and always available for my questions.

  • If any business is hesitating about factoring, I say that hesitation isn't warranted if you're dealing with Accutrac. They're not like other factoring companies. They're professional and understand our business. I can't say enough good things about them.

  • What impressed me most about Accutrac, in addition to being really good at what they do, is that they genuinely cared about helping us to be successful...

  • I can't say enough good things about how Accutrac Capital has solved our rapid growth cash flow issues. They've really allowed us to move to the next level of growth…and the results prove it! – Tal Hayek, Co-founder and CEO, AcuityAds

  • What I like about working with these super talented individuals is their services doesn't suffer even though they keep growing their own business. In fact, our relationship keeps getting better. I think of them as a real partner in our business.

What is Receivables Factoring?

Very simply, it is the practice of selling your invoices at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. It's easier to obtain than a bank loan and provides immediate access to cash, usually within 24 hours. Factoring invoices to access immediate operating capital is a common business strategy and one of the fastest growing financial services in a rapidly changing global market.

Getting Invoices Paid
How Flat Fee Factoring Works

How Factoring Works

  1. You pick up freight from the shipper, deliver it to your customer and then send invoice and bill of lading to Accutrac
  2. We send you up to 97% of the invoice amount within 24 hrs and the invoice is sent directly to your customer
  3. Your customer remits payment to Accutrac Capital
  4. We refund the balance to you, less a small fee

Who Can Qualify

Qualification for receivables factoring is easy as it is largely based on the credit worthiness of your customers, not your personal credit or the financial strength of your business. 

Accutrac Capital provides financial solutions to:

  • startup operations
  • high growth companies with insufficient working capital -
  • businesses in transition: - companies that have tripped their bank covenants
  • companies experiencing a tough year companies going through a change of ownership
  • companies who can not acquire the funds they need from traditional lenders

If you have receivables from credit worthy customers, we can help.

Getting Qualified

Get your cash flow rolling…simple and hassle free! Get started today!

Bank Loan vs Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring (also known as freight factoring or invoice discounting) is a powerful alternative financial solution that converts your account receivables to instant cash. Factoring services by Accutrac Capital is accessible to most companies with credit worthy customers and easier to obtain than a bank loan. Once your account is activated with us, we will advance funds as quickly as you generate invoices.

Compare the benefits of a Bank Loan & Invoice Factoring

Qualification: Bank Loan: Qualification is based on the financial performance of your company and your personal credit history.
Invoice Factoring: Qualification is based largely on the creditworthiness of your customers.
Security: Bank Loan: Bank loans usually require hard assets to secure their loan such as a building, equipment or personal assets like your home.
Invoice Factoring: Your receivables become the security; no other hard assets are required.
Time: Bank Loan: Banks often take weeks, even months to approve a loan.
Invoice Factoring: Accounts are approved within days of receiving an application.
Credit Info: Bank Loan: Banks do not provide credit insights to their customers.
Invoice Factoring: We provide unlimited access to credit reports and help you to understand the information. This will help to prevent bad debt.
Covenants: Bank Loan: A bank usually requires restrictive covenants to govern the terms of the loan such as restricting the amount of debt a company can take on to buy equipment. This often restricts the growth of a company and ties the hands of the owners.
Invoice Factoring: No restrictive covenants exist in a factoring agreement providing maximum control and flexibility to the owner.
Payment: Bank Loan: Bank loans require regularly scheduled payments of principle and interest.
Invoice Factoring: Accutrac Capital has the lowest rates in the industry. Our factoring fees are deducted from the transaction making the cost of factoring simple, easy to manage and affordable.
Receivables Management: Bank Loan: You are responsible for the ongoing collection and management of your receivables.
Invoice Factoring: Professional Account Managers monitor and collect on your behalf, removing the headache of managing your receivables.
Invoice Factoring & Discount Fuel Cards for Trucking Industry
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Cash Advance | Invoice Factoring | Cost Saving Solutions
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