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Increase Portfolio Yield | Remove Market Volatility | Preferred Share - 10% Dividend

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At Accutrac Capital, our mandate to investors is clear; protect your wealth while paying steady and predictable returns. Our unique high yield investment opportunity is designed exclusively for high net worth accredited investors who are looking for a risk adjusted return; featuring steady predictable cash flow (10% annual return, with a monthly distribtuion) and asset backed security without the risk of market volatility. Additionally all distributions are in the form of tax preferred dividends.

The Investment Opportunity:

  • Class A Preference Shares $1000 CAD per share
  • Dividend of $8 per share per month in the respective currency
  • Retractable after 2 years*
  • Proceeds used to invest in fully secured receivables portfolios and asset backed loans
  • Available to accredited investors exclusively
  • Minimum investment - $150,000

*Certain conditions apply – Please see Offering Information Memorandum for full and privileges rights of share class and retraction procedures.

Volatile capital markets are a constant challenge for high net worth investors who are looking for predictable returns while protecting their capital. This compounded by today’s low interest rate environment has hampered investor’s ability to maintain high yields without significantly increasing their portfolio risk. Those investors who can allocate a portion of their portfolio into alternative investments will benefit from the Class “A” Preference Share offering of Accutrac Capital Solutions Inc. by increasing their yields while completely removing the risks associated with market volatility. Achieving a low correlation to traditional asset classes and public markets, investors’ can increase returns while decreasing portfolio volatility.

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When do you receive payments & for how much?

Distributions on the preference shares occur monthly with a direct deposit into your bank account. Each $1000 share pays a monthly dividend of $8. It is important to note that these distributions are in the form of an Eligible dividend which is taxed at a much lower tax rate than interest payments or regular income; boosting your after-tax return.

Taxable Income ($) Marginal Tax Rate on Salary and Interest Payments (%) Margin Tax Rate on Eligible Dividends (%)
first $42,201
20.05 -6.86
$42,202 up to $45,916
24.15 -1.20
$45,917 up to $74,313
29.65 6.39
$74,314 up to $84,404
31.48 8.92
$84,405 up to $87,559
33.89 12.24
$87,560 up to $91,831
37.91 17.79
$91,832 up to $142,353
43.41 25.38
$142,354 up to $150,000
46.11 29.52
$150,001 up to $202,800
47.97 31.67
$202,801 up to $220,000
51.97 37.19
over $220,000 
53.53 39.34
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Who Qualifies to Invest?

Accredited investors are qualified to invest in Accutrac’s Class A series shares. Alternatively non-accredited investors who invest a minimum of $150,000 are qualified to invest. Accredited investors include any of the following

  • individuals who have at least $1 million in financial assets (cash and securities) before taxes. (In calculating an individual's financial assets, any outstanding loans incurred to acquire those assets must be deducted.)
  • individuals whose net income before taxes exceeds $200,000 (or $300,000 combined income with spouse) in each of the two most recent years and who reasonably expects to exceed that net income in the current year
  • individuals who have at least $5 million in net assets
  • financial institutions
  • registered advisers or dealers
  • pension funds
  • corporations, limited partnerships, trusts or estates having net assets of at least $5 million

How Secure is the Investment?

Proceeds from the sale of Class A Preferred Shares are invested in a diversified portfolio of Factored Receivables and Asset-Based Loans. These types of investment assets achieve a superior risk-adjusted return. Accutrac Capital has stringent underwriting and monitoring processes in both Asset Based Lending and Factoring to facilitate an optimal outcome for each investment. While Accutrac client are concentrated in the trucking space the factored receivables are spread amongst a wide diversities of industries and over 4000 different debtors; spreading the risk and reducing the potential for loss. Strict credit policies are followed to ensure credit exposure to any individual company is limited to acceptable risk levels.

We strive to provide yield-seeking investors with a diversified investment pool offering superior risk-adjusted returns that is not real-estate or stock market dependent and is fully secured against a stream of realizable assets. In addition to the pool of asset back investments the Class A Shareholder investment is further secured by the investment of the founding partners. In essence the investment by the founding partners provides an additional cushion, in the event of an investment loss, to the Class A Shareholders.

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What are factoring investments?

Very simply, factoring is the practice of selling your invoices at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. It's easier to obtain than a bank loan and provides immediate access to cash rather than waiting up to 60 days to get paid. Factoring invoices to access immediate operating capital is a common business strategy and one of the fastest growing financial services in a rapidly changing global market.

Factoring is the sale of a company’s account receivable for immediate cash. For many businesses, account receivable represents one of the largest assets on the balance sheet. However, the asset lies dormant until the time of collection, when it is converted to cash. Accutrac Capital turns those dormant assets into cash.

Accutrac Capital currently purchases a quarter billion dollars per year in invoices and continues to grow.

Invest with Confidence

Accutrac Capital has a proven track record since 2007. Our expanding organization, with office locations in the U.S. and Canada, provides quick and easy cash flow solutions to small, medium and corporate sized businesses that are undercapitalized. Accutrac’s core business, to provide specialized funding services for the freight transportation sector, is augmented with financial services to a diversity of industries. We specialize in developing unique cash flow solutions for business owners who simply can't meet the stringent requirements of traditional banking.

Qualification for funding is not based on our clients’ personal credit or the financial strength of their business; it is based on our clients doing business with credit-worthy customers. Accutrac leverages the financial strength of our client's customers to unlock an array of custom factoring solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Accutrac Capital provides real value to our commercial clients by providing cost effective and easily accessible operating capital. Further, our qualified team of industry experts offer value added services such as credit analysis, risk management and professional accounts receivable administration. Our rapidly growing brand recognition is largely due to the quality of service, superior customer support and unequivocal honesty and transparency. With an industry high customer satisfaction rating, Accutrac Capital is regarded as a valuable asset and an essential financial service to our many clients.

accutrac investment security

Invest in Experience

The freight transportation industry is a market sector prime for factoring services. Charles Sheppard and Ken Judd, co-founders of Accutrac Capital, have extensive transportation industry, financial and management experience. This experience allows Accutrac to offer a value proposition unparalleled in the factoring space.

Charles Sheppard President and General Manager of Accutrac Capital

Charles brings 15 years of accounting and financial services with 6 years of senior management experience to the table. With an acute understanding for the value of dedicated service to meet customer expectation, Charles has been the main architect behind the building of Accutrac Capital’s expanding organization. In addition to his solid accounting and technical skills, Charles possesses a high degree of freight transportation knowledge and experience. Serving for 5 years as Manager of Finance and Administration for a mid size freight carrier providing FTL & LTL cross boarder services (USA, Canada, Mexico), Charles proved instrumental in the company's growth in size, volume and profitability. With a business education from Memorial University, Charles has experience developing business plans, budgeting, cost analysis, break even analysis, financial statement analysis, tax planning and advanced business modeling. Not only does Charles know the finances behind business, he understands the nuts and bolts of running it.

Ken Judd CEO of Accutrac Capital

Ken has over 35 years in operations and management. Ken's entrepreneurial spirit took root early in his career as an independent owner operator within the trucking space, quickly learning to extract the highest yield from the trucking routes he operated. As a business owner, Ken grew to become the largest independent team service to operate for a premiere freight carrier service with over 600 pieces of equipment. From this position Ken established and grew First Transport, comprising of 3 divisions to provide heavy haul, line haul and temperature controlled service. Ken's well rounded set of skills makes him invaluable in such matters as determining cost savings available to clients, evaluating the net worth of equipment and assessing business values. Among his strongest attributes is the recognition of hidden opportunity. This talent combined with solid analytical skills provides Ken the ability to quickly assess core business values and to recommend customized solutions for Accutrac clients.

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