Free Factoring Line of Credit Whitepaper for Trucking Companies

Are financial covenants at the bank limiting your access to the working capital you need?

Financial covenants have one purpose only; to protect the Bank. Restrictive  covenants are designed to limit your ability to access funds beyond the bank’s level of comfort, ultimately putting the bank in control of your trucking company's finances and growth plans.

factoring line of credit whitepaper coverFactoring Line of Credit is an alternate financial solution with no restrictive covenants. Combining the flexibility of a line of credit with the simplicity of factoring this cost-effective cash flow solution puts you back in charge of your company’s finances.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How bank covenants affect your business
  • What happens when a bank wants out of a loan agreement
  • How a Factoring Line of Credit works
  • If a Factoring Line of Credit is the right fit

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