What is a Trucking Load Advance?

What is a Trucking Load Advance?

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You have a load but you are short of cash to pay the over the road expenses; such as fuel. Accounts receivable factoring companies that specialize in servicing the transportation industry, provide Load Advances to ensure your trucking company has the funds to get your payload delivered. Like its name suggests, a trucking Load Advance is an alternative form of financing that provides your trucking business with funds prior to delivering your load.

Why utilize a Load Advance?

Delivering loads for your customer is your bread and butter. But you can't invoice that customer until you deliver your load. And, you can't get paid until your customer receives their invoice. Often, it will be another 30 to 60 days, sometimes as much as 90 days, before your customer pays you and you have cash in hand.

The problem is, you still have to pay for fuel, make payroll, keep your trucks maintained, pay for permits and the dozen other day-to-day expenses every trucking and freight company has; while waiting to be paid.

A trucking Load Advance provides the much-needed cash flow to cover your operating costs and allow you to:

  • Accept larger and more lucrative contracts
  • Pay for fuel
  • Make payroll
  • Pay operating expenses
  • Fund the growth of your US trucking business

An easier form of funding for your trucking business: Receiving funding through a Load Advance isn't the same as funding through a business line of credit or bank loan. That's because:

  • Qualifying for a Load Advance isn't based on your trucking business's credit rating or financial history. It's based on the creditworthiness of your customers.
  • It's much faster to apply and get approval for than traditional financing.
  • You don't have to keep applying each time you need additional cash. Just submit your load confirmation and get up to 50% upfront, often the same day.
  • Because it's not a loan, it doesn't count as debt on your trucking company's balance sheet.

How a Load Advance works

Load Advances are offered by factoring companies that specialize in the trucking and transportation industry, like Accutrac Capital. Here's how they work:

  • Once your driver picks up freight, submit your load confirmation to the factoring company.
  • The factoring company advances you up to 50% of the contract amount.
  • You deliver the load to your customer.
  • The factoring company invoices your customer and receives payment.
  • The factoring company pays you the profit (invoice amount, minus amount of Load Advance and a small fee).

If the cash flow demands of your trucking business make it tough to wait to deliver your load and have your invoice paid, consider a Load Advance to free up cash.

For more information about trucking Load Advances for immediate cash before you deliver your load, visit www.accutraccapital.com.


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