Trucking Load Boards and Employment Sites

Trucking Load Boards and Employment Sites

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Load boards are useful tools for trucking companies to find and acquire loads. With so many options available it's often difficult to choose a load board that best suits your needs. This article features a few of the industry's trucking load boards and employment websites to help you narrow your search and find good loads or the best trucking jobs. helps truckers find quality jobs through an easy online application service. Truck drivers can apply for hundreds of jobs with one application and narrow the search to find the best jobs near their location. In addition, hiring trucking companies will usually reply to applications within 1 day. also offers more than just jobs for truck drivers, the website includes job listings for non-driver jobs, owner operators, and recruiters.

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Direct Freight Services

Direct Freight Services combines a user friendly load board with numerous additional features to make use a much smoother process. Direct Freights features include full credit reports, email and text message alerts, customizable organization options, weather updates, and much more. Direct Freight is an all-in-one load board service for anyone serious about trucking.

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Trucker Search

Trucker Search helps connect truck drivers and owner operators with reputable companies in the industry. Their job listing database provides reliable job opportunities for drivers with varying levels of experience. In addition, Trucker Search allows employers to search for drivers to fit their specific needs. The specialized nature of the employers and application process makes Trucker Search the perfect tool to match drivers with the best jobs and employers with the best drivers.

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             is the longest running free load board service. partners with the industrys top load boards allowing you to make multiple posts at once, making load posting easier than ever. also has an extensive database of trucking related jobs to help truck drivers, owner operators, dispatchers and warehouse/office staff find work. In addition, has a vast and comprehensive list of trucking links to help connect leading companies within the trucking industry.

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Deliver Freight ... then, Get PAID!

The constant challenge of finding freight to maximize capacity is one of the priority issues that occupies the minds of fleet owners on a daily basis. Another issue of top concern is getting paid once delivery is made. Compared to almost any other industry, it takes a disproportionate amount of working capital for trucking companies to provide their service. A steady cash flow that is constantly being replenished is essential to the sustainability of operations. In an industry that is noted for late paying customers, constrained cash flow issues can be detrimental to your trucking company's success.

Factoring companies provide the ideal alternative funding solution for carriers needing fast access to working capital. Freight factoring is a specific form of accounts receivable invoice factoring, and is designed specifically to meet the demands of the trucking industry. Feature benefits of an industry specific invoice factoring company include; payment within 24 hours of freight delivery, AR management support, risk management tools and cost saving services such as fuel discount programs.

For more information about convenient, cost effective freight factoring solutions and discount fuel programs to improve your profitability, contact Accutrac Capital today.




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