Flat Fee Factoring: Simple is Better!

Flat Fee Factoring: Simple is Better!

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Like its name suggests, flat fee factoring is a form of factoring where your fees are an agreed upon percentage of your invoice amount. ALL IN for 90 Days. Easy to understand and calculate; one upfront fee with no additional costs.  There are no variables, like days outstanding; to impact how much you'll net from the transaction.

Flat Fee Factoring Benefits include:

  • Industrys lowest rate: ALL IN for 90 Days Same Day Funding
  • High Cash Advance
  • No Originals required
  • Dedicated Account Manager to service your needs
  • Easy 24/7 access to your online account
  • Free Credit Reports
  • No cost Accounts Receivable Management

With most factoring products, your fee is based on a daily percentage that is applied to each day that your invoice is outstanding. With regular factoring, the more days outstanding the higher the fee. Plus, additional costs, tiered pricing and administration fees may be applied. With regular factoring, you won't know upfront the true amount, because it can't be calculated until after your customer pays.

With flat fee factoring, your fee is one defined percentage of your invoice amount, regardless if your customer takes 30, 60 or 90 days to pay

Contact Accutrac Capital today to learn more about Flat Fee Factoring

Contact Accutrac Capital today to learn more about Flat Fee Factoring


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