Factoring Solutions, Small Business Financial & Factoring Solutions

Factoring Solutions, Small Business Financial & Factoring Solutions

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Small Business Financing that does not affect your Debt Ratio

From a business perspective whenever you think of the term “financing”, the first thing that strikes your mind is its effect on the debt ratio. In most forms of small business financing, be it a bank loan, or a mortgage, the debt ratio of the company does get affected. This is where the need for a financing solution that does not disturb the debt ratio and provides the added cash flow needed.

One noteworthy solution for businesses in transition is Factoring. The working mechanism of a business factoring company is simple.

  1. The factoring company will check the credit of your customers who issue accounts receivable.
  2. After approval, will advance you 70% to 90% depending on the total risk associated with the funding facility.
  3. Once, on a specified date, the account receivables mature, the rest of the amount minus fees will be provided to your company.

Here are some important points that will ensure that resorting to a small business factoring service will not affect the debt ratio of your company.

Interest Free Liquidation: A small business factoring company does not charge an interest rate. A minimal fee is charged upon time it takes for you invoice to be paid. This entire work process helps you in a couple of ways. First of all, you get the much needed working capital for smooth operations of your business. Second, the company is largely relieved of the debt collection process as the invoices have already been factored. In Ontario, transportation industry factoring has proven very beneficial. The transportation industry is the backbone of the Canadian economy and often it has been observed that the payment processing cycle (PPC) is very slow. Therefore, small trucking companies are placed in an ironic situation which is a blend of client retention and lack of cash flow. In a nutshell, the transportation industry in Ontario can benefit greatly with factoring.

Working Capital: When it comes to operations of any business, working capital becomes an indispensable requirement. One of the biggest impacts on the debt ratio of any organization comes from its working capital. The problem can be solved in most cases with small business factoring.

Accutrac Capital Solutions is a leading small business factoring provider in Ontario. For more details visit https://www.accutraccapital.com/


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