6 Ways Trucking Businesses Can Survive COVID-19

6 Ways Trucking Businesses Can Survive COVID-19

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A Truckers' Survival Guide to the Coronavirus


Canada’s stimulus packages for small trucking businesses and private sector assistance is urgently needed to support the transportation industry during the pandemic. Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan is the federal government’s largest economic relief bill in Canadian history designed to assist individuals and business through this crisis period. The vast amount of information posted on government websites and through media channels is overwhelming and tough to weed through. To simplify the search for information relevant to the trucking industry, Accutrac Capital has consolidated the best resources on one platform.

We created a COVID-19 survival guide for trucking businesses that contains relevant links to:

  • Canada’s support for businesses
  • Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy
  • Canadian Emergency Response Benefit
  • Canadian Emergency Business Account
  • Extended Tax Deadlines
  • Best websites for truckers to stay updated on COVID-19

Download the Canadian Truckers' Survival Guide to COVID-19


Make sure to check back regularly as circumstance changes and updates become available.

Accutrac recognizes the importance of the trucking industry during this epic battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. Medical provisions, food, water and countless other essential goods cannot be delivered without you. We are proud to support truckers with high benefit cash flow solutions and cost saving services.

Thank you for your dedicated service.


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