Infographic: How to Calculate Your Trucking Cost Per Mile

Infographic: How to Calculate Your Trucking Cost Per Mile

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Learn How to Calculate Your Trucking Cost-per-Mile

Are you driving your trucking company towards success? If you do not know the cost of each mile your trucks drive, you can steer your trucking company out of business.
According to research, nearly 96% of all small businesses fail within 10 years. While there are many reasons for this staggering statistic, one of the biggest reasons is that businesses fail to become profitable. Knowing your cost per mile is one of the biggest key performance indicators and foundational metrics for ensuring your trucking business is profitable. Keep your trucks on the road and avoid bad debts by keeping an eye on your cost-per-mile on a regular basis.
From truck maintenance costs to fuel cost-per-mile, it's important to know all your variable and fixed costs that factor into your daily trucking cost-per-mile. Included in the trucking cost-per-mile infographic, we illustrate all the different costs and the cost-per-mile formulas you need to truly understand your business margins.

How to Calculate Trucking cost per mile Infographic

Monitoring your trucking operational costs on a per-mile basis is like tracking a moving target, since variable costs are a large factor of the cost-per-mile calculation. It is important to use your cost-per-mile spreadsheet and calculate your cost-per-mile on a very regular basis. If performed weekly, keeping a vigilant eye on your business' operating costs will provide a clear view of your company’s real time financial status.

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