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Cash Advance B4 Delivery

Get a 50% Cash Advance of the Value of Your Load Confirmation on Pick Up

Trucking Company Cash Advance

After your driver has picked up the load, send the load confirmation by fax or email to Accutrac Capital. Upon doing so, Accutrac will send 50% of the value of your load into your bank account or fuel card.

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50% Advanced at Pick-Up

50% Advanced at Pick-Up

Cash B4 Delivery is an extremely easy funding option that gets you fast cash even faster! It is simply an additional funding step in the freight factoring process providing up to 50% of the value of your load upon pick-up. For trucking companies experiencing a shortfall in operating funds, Cash B4 Delivery is the ideal option for providing much needed funds to cover over the road expenses.


Simple Process

Cash B4 Delivery is a simple process; once your driver has picked up freight, send the load confirmation. Accutrac will verify the load, immediately process the advance payment of up to 50% of the invoice amount and transfer funds directly to your bank or fuel card account. Upon completion of delivery, send us your invoice, load confirmation and signed bill of lading to receive the balance of the freight factoring cash advance.

Simple Process
Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

Accutrac Capital's simple and convenience funding options include sending you money directly to your bank account or funding your fuel card.

Additionally, our Service Guarantee ensures that you will receive your funds the same day you pick up the load.


Easy Paperwork Submission

Accutrac takes convenience one step further. When your load is delivered, send us your invoice and bill of lading and Accutrac will send you the remaining amount owing (up to 100% of the value of your invoice).

For those customers looking for additional convenience, just send us your bill of lading. Accutrac will produce the invoice for you and send to your customer. This will allow you to concentrate on what you do best - keeping your trucks moving.

Easy Paperwork Submission

Get paid before you deliver with Accutrac Capital...more than just factoring!

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