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About Accutrac Capital | Invoice Factoring Company

Accutrac is a factoring company dedicated to Trucking Companies. We combine the cheapest freight factoring with Cost-Saving services to maximize your profitability.

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Easy, Cost Effective, & Convenient Financial Solutions!

No matter your circumstance we have the financial resources to finance even the most complex situation. Whether you are a start-up, a high growth company or a business in transition, we can help with easy qualification, cost effective financial solutions and convenient high value services.

  • Financial services by Accutrac are easier to obtain than a business loan
  • We have the resources to finance even the most complex situation
  • Accutrac cuts through the red tape to get you financed quickly and effectively
  • Accutrac reduces your credit risks and improves accounts receivable management
  • We have the lowest rates in the industry

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  • Accutrac understands our trucking business. They go out of their way to help you with great information and advice.

  • What I like about Accutrac is their personal approach and how well they know the trucking business. They took a personal interest to get to know us and to understand what we were doing. They're very approachable and always available for my questions.

  • If any business is hesitating about factoring, I say that hesitation isn't warranted if you're dealing with Accutrac. They're not like other factoring companies. They're professional and understand our business. I can't say enough good things about them.

  • What impressed me most about Accutrac, in addition to being really good at what they do, is that they genuinely cared about helping us to be successful...

  • I can't say enough good things about how Accutrac Capital has solved our rapid growth cash flow issues. They've really allowed us to move to the next level of growth…and the results prove it! – Tal Hayek, Co-founder and CEO, AcuityAds

  • What I like about working with these super talented individuals is their services doesn't suffer even though they keep growing their own business. In fact, our relationship keeps getting better. I think of them as a real partner in our business.

Innovative Financial Solutions

Our unique financing products are a favored alternative to traditional mainstream options. Accutrac’s innovative solutions combined with our industry leading customer service, provides high value solutions for companies in need of improved cash flow. Our products include:

Contact us today to discover the various financial solutions available to your business.

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Superior Customer Service

Accutrac Capital takes a personal approach to addressing your company's financial objectives by providing a dedicated Accounts Manager to work with you on a daily basis. Your Manager’s duty is to facilitate the working process and ensure your company receives its funds on time as required.

Our team will work relentlessly to assist you, help reduce your credit risk and improve your accounts receivable management to benefit your company’s bottom line. Accutrac’s professional team of Account Managers have a mandate to provide industry leading customer service tailored to your specific needs.

Total Transparency

Accutrac Capital is a trusted financial institution. Our knowledgeable team has decades of experience in business finance and management allowing us the ability to manage your company’s cash flow with ease.

To ensure your satisfaction, Accutrac provides total transparency with regular reporting and customer access to current accounts. View your account 24/7 with our user friendly online account management system. Track the process from invoice to final remittance and balance paid. Funding is easy and expedient with no delays during the process.

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Industry Specialists

You won't have to explain how your trucking business works, we know the challenges you face and the importance of having available cash to keep your trucks on the road. With industry leading services such as Cash Advance B4 Delivery, Invoice Factoring and Fuel Discount Cards, Accutrac Capital will ensure you have the available funds to keep your fleet on the road and pulling freight.

Our industry specialists have over 40 years combined experience, including hands-on experience owning and operating a successful trucking company.

Financing for your business with Accutrac Capital ... more than just factoring!

Invoice Factoring & Discount Fuel Cards for Trucking Industry
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Cash Advance | Invoice Factoring | Cost Saving Solutions
Services for the Trucking Industry

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Questions? Contact Us!
(866) 531-2615

Cash Advance | Invoice Factoring | Cost Saving Solutions
Services for the Trucking Industry

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