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North American Invoice Factoring Service

Cash Flow to Keep Your Business Healthy & Growing

Imagine how successful your USA business would be if you could focus your time where it counts…growing your business… not worrying about cash flow or chasing receivables. Faster and easier than a bank loan, factoring can be an ideal solution
for you if:

What is Accounts Receivable Factoring in USA?

Simply, Accounts Receivable Factoring is selling your accounts receivable invoices to Accutrac at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. It's easier to obtain than a bank loan and provides quick turnaround of cash…usually within 24 hours.

How Factoring Works in USA

Accutrac's friendly experts work with you to create customized factoring solutions for your small or mid-sized company. It's quick and flexible—usually set up within two weeks.

Accutrac's simple 5-step process:

Who Qualifies for Factoring?

Qualification for factoring is easy…because it's based on the credit worthiness of your customers…not your personal credit or the financial strength of your North American business. Factoring can help many industries ... we specialize in factoring solutions for:

How Much Does Factoring Cost?

Our rates can be as low as 0.045%, plus a small processing fee depending on the types of factoring chosen.

Types of Factoring Products

All three of Accutrac's receivables financing strategies work on the same principal...Accutrac purchases your receivables in exchange for ready cash, based on you doing business with credit-worthy customers.
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